Simulated KDJ Office team collaborates on white board at conference table.

Working With KDJ

At KDJ Consultants, we understand that we work for you. That doesn’t mean we blindly push forward. Our decades of experience have taught us to also work with you, and sometimes even lead you to achieve better results. We will make recommendations to give you the most return on your investment.

Our team will analyze your need and come up with a game plan that makes you shine, and achieve the results your team demands.

We’re Friendly, But We Aren’t Shy

KDJ Consultants has decades of experience, nurses with multiple educational degrees, and roughly 2 million chart reviews under our belts. We’ll use that experience and knowledge to lead you down a path to success, regardless of what type of engagement, project, or consultation you have with KDJ.

We aren’t afraid to be honest and point out a flaw in your best practices, or an error in your processes. We believe we are the best team available for what you need. You’ll find us to be friendly, but direct. If we take on your project, we’ll have your best interest in mind, and will use our experience to that effect.

KDJ – A Great Partner

As others have stated, KDJ can be a great partner with you. Our multiple skill sets, dedicated team members, and attention to detail ensure you are partnering with great folks that want to see you succeed. We want you to be eager to join others in their testimonials to the success you’ve had with KDJ Consultants.

Start planning now to work with us on your healthcare study, medical records review engagement, or HEDIS® project.