Hand with pen writes on notebook documenting testimonials.

Don’t simply take our word for it, hear what others have to say about KDJ Consultants.

Megan Wilson Hunting – Former HEDIS Program Manager

The KDJ team was a godsend! These ladies not only have the subject-matter expertise in HEDIS medical record review, but are kind, thoughtful, and wonderful partners. I actively look for opportunities to work with them again.

Charley Aebersold – CSSBB – Health Services Division | QI Program Advisor – Central California Alliance for Health


The CCAH team would like to thank you for an incredible HEDIS season. All measures passed MRRV! Your great efforts made the retrieval and abstraction process delightful and proved that HEDIS does not need to be overly complicated or painful. Our two teams collaborated well and we are delighted with this outcome.

Kim Cardinali – HEDIS Project Manager, Quality Programs

Job well done; thank you for another great HEDIS project!  We have partnered with the KDJ Consultants team for remote EHR retrieval and abstraction services for six years. As a result, I never have to worry about the accuracy of the abstractions; they are the best! 

One of the added values of partnering with KDJ is the pended charts. If there is a circumstance where just a bit more information is needed to become compliant, KDJ will pend the chart so that the HEDIS team can obtain the missing information to assist in compliance.  It’s the little extra’s that has allowed us to attain year-over-year project improvements. Thanks again, KDJ!